10 Animal Breeds Important to American History

America’s history has long been linked with domestic animals. It is hard to imagine what our nation would have looked like in its early years without the hard-working horse and ox, let alone the backyard flocks of chickens. While many, many breeds have been important to our nation throughout the years, a few stand out…… Continue reading 10 Animal Breeds Important to American History


Just how old the Hamburg breed is or where it came from, we may never know. Conflicting information abounds today. Some believe the breed traces back to the 1300s, while others suggest it is of more recent origin. Many experts claim that the Hamburg was first developed in Holland, while it is sometimes rumored that…… Continue reading Hamburg

A Guide to Herding by Livestock Species

The three most common types of livestock that herding dogs work with in the United States are ducks, sheep, and cattle. Other animals that are regularly herded with dogs are chickens, geese, turkeys, and goats. Some talented dogs can herd all of these species. However, many others are a little more specialized, particularly in the…… Continue reading A Guide to Herding by Livestock Species


The Dominique is a classic American creation from colonial days that early chicken keepers crafted from just about every breed available to them. What exactly went into the mix is open for debate. Sussex, Dorking, and other favorite British breeds doubtlessly played a role. The Hamburg may also have had a major influence. The Dominique…… Continue reading Dominique


Due to its bulldoggish appearance, some fear that the Cornish was originally bred for the cruel sport of fighting. Thankfully, this is not the case. Although descended from fierce birds such as the Asil, the Malay, and the Old English Game Fowl, the Cornish was specifically produced for the tables of Cornwall during its earliest…… Continue reading Cornish


If the American poultry keepers of today were to see the Cochin of the mid-1800s, they would hardly recognize the breed! The old Cochin was a tall, rangy bird with relatively sparse feathering on its gangling shanks. However, it had a beautiful ginger color that, combined with its impressive size and considerable laying ability, attracted…… Continue reading Cochin