Ready for more jokes and more family fun—printed in color? Homestead on the Range is pleased to announce the release of an updated edition of The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!).

The Worst Jokes I Know+

Now subtitled 101+ Funny Bone Ticklers for Jokesters of All Ages, this title by B. Patrick Lincoln helps children ages 5 and up develop their thinking skills…and their sense of humor. Young readers will learn new jokes and discover fresh twists on old classics while they practice their delivery on their family, friends, and pun pals.

This fresh edition includes a selection of new jokes and new illustrations. Children will be particularly delighted to see that the paperback is now printed in color, as well.

These jokes are proven to please young and old. Young jokesters and their audiences will learn:

  • Why are potatoes rather disconcerting companions?
  • Why is it not a wise idea to mess with a crab?
  • Why did all the shapes do business with the equilateral rectangle?
  • And why did the chicken really cross the road?

Keep in mind that reading jokes is not a solo pursuit. As the foreword by DIYHomeschooler advises:

This is not a joke book you can just hand to your child to let him go off and enjoy by himself. He will come across unfamiliar words that will need to be explained. These jokes are meant to be shared.

Share a laugh!