Kansas Regions

Kansas RegionsFlat and boring? Not Kansas!

The Sunflower State has been blessed with diverse and beautiful scenery, ranging from forests to hills to wide-open farmland. Geologists have divided Kansas into 11 distinct regions, each with its own unique characteristics.

Our guide to the physiographic regions of Kansas will take you through our gorgeous state, exploring its topography, soils, vegetation, water resources, climate, and agricultural practices along the way. So pick a region and start your discovery of Kansas.


Arkansas River LowlandsArkansas River Lowlands


Chautauqua HillsChautauqua Hills


Cherokee LowlandsCherokee Lowlands


Flint HillsFlint Hills


Glaciated RegionGlaciated Region


High PlainsHigh Plains


Osage CuestasOsage Cuestas


Ozark PlateauOzark Plateau


Red HillsRed Hills


Smoky HillsSmoky Hills


Wellington–McPherson LowlandsWellington–McPherson Lowlands